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Bitron HVAC Systems
(Bitron Industrie S.p.A.)
Via Italia 54, 10093 - Collegno (TO) - Italy
Tel.: +39 011 4507111
Fax +39 011 4512802
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In the world

Created in 2010 as a Business Unit but active in the market since 2004, Bitron HVAC Systems has a wide product portfolio and a global presence on almost all continents.
Our business structure is composed of 7 key Account Managers around Europe, local presence in Asia and the USA through the affiliates and our factories are in Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia.
Our products such as hydraulic groups, sensors and components of all kind, controls, PCBs, user interfaces, inverters, Condensing Heat Exchangers are manufactured in different factories:

Elbi International, Collegno (TO): hydraulics groups, heat exchangers and sensors and components 
Bitron Grugliasco, Bitron Poland and Bitron Electronic China: electronics components
Bitron Dronero and Bitron Cormano: sensors and components

More generally, every Bitron factory could potentially manufacture systems and components for the HVAC market.