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Bitron HVAC Division
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Automatic filling valve and Aquastop system

automatic filling valve
This valve provides an automatic filling of the Heating Circuit (CH) when requested by the main board of the boiler. It can be supplied both assembled into the hydraulic group or as a stand alone component.
A wide range of both AC, DC coils with different connections are available. IP44 protection grade can be achieved with a Bitron dedicated connector.
The valve can be equipped with a special safety system (aquastop) which cuts off the flow of water into the appliance if a leakage occurs.

Ambient temperature From 2°C to 60°C
Water temperature From 2°C to +90°C
Water pressure From 0.3 bar to 10 bar
Hydraulic interfaces See Products Catalogue (page 47)
Electric connections See Table of Available features
Rated Voltage 220/240, 110/120VAC - 24, 12VDC
Power consumption 4W @220V / 3W @24VDC
Other features
Single or double filter on the inlet
Integrated check valve for back flow prevention
IP44 (only on RAST 5 with special Bitron connector)
Approval(s) ENEC, WRAS compliant