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Bitron HVAC Division
(Bitron Industrie S.p.A.)
Via Italia 54, 10093 - Collegno (TO) - Italy
Tel.: +39 011 4507111
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Condensing Primary Heat Exchanger

heat exchanger

Bitron Condensing Heat Exchanger is a well established solution in the boiler market. Designed with a special coil made by cold forming of extruded aluminium, it is flexible and easy to customize in terms of output power and specific configurations.
All the materials have been selected in order to give a sustainable solution easy to recycle, with high conductivity performance and low pressure drops.

Ambient temperature
From 2° to 70°C
Water temperature
CH circuit: from 2°C to +95°C, peak 110°C
Water pressure
CH circuit: from 0bar to 3bar
Output Power [CH/DW mode]
16/16 kW - 24/28 kW - 28/32 kW - 32/36 kW - 40/44 kW
Other features
Lightweight, aluminium parts (coil, flanges, casing)
Single coil heat exchanger
Low pressure drops (water flow in a single passage)
Highly customizable
Ease of maintenance