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Bitron HVAC Division
(Bitron Industrie S.p.A.)
Via Italia 54, 10093 - Collegno (TO) - Italy
Tel.: +39 011 4507111
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Gear motor (Type MR 330)

gear motor
Bitron MR 330 Gear Motor, composed by a metal case with plastic and metal gear wheels, is designed for heavy loads and long-life operations.
It produces a rotary motion for any type of device, with a specifically developed version for low noise applications as moving the feed screw in pellet stoves. Supplied with AC synchronous motor or brushless motor, it can be sized with different power and coil windings for continuous or variable duty cycles.

Ambient temperature From -20°C to 70°C
Rotation CW / CCW
Maximum output power Up to 80W
Maximum torque Up to 34Nm
Insulation class H (180°C)
Electric connections Faston or pigtail cable connector
Other features on request
Thermal protection
Different motor sizes (stator stack length:
20, 30 and 40mm)
Customized output shaft geometry
(or without shaft on request)
Angular velocity feedback through hall effect sensor
See Products Catalogue (page 51)