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Bitron HVAC Division
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Via Italia 54, 10093 - Collegno (TO) - Italy
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Luca Magnone is the new Director of Bitron HVAC division

Bitron HVAC is glad to announce Luca Magnone, our former R&D director, has taken over the responsibility of all the HVAC activities within Bitron. Luca have been working with our group for many years with a passionate and innovative approach within Elbi International S.p.A., the first company founded in the Bitron Group and the HQ of the HVAC division.
In this new position the next challenge for him and his team will be to widen the product range in order to serve different segments in the
HVAC industry and to develop Geografically the HVAC division to support our customers locally in all of their markets supported by Bitron’s Global footprint. 

We wish the best for him and all of his team